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VolgaCTF 2015 Quals -- my little pwnie

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Category: Pwn
Points: 250

Just another pwn task. Break in!
nc pwnie.2015.volgactf.ru 7777

I solve the challenge after the end of the CTF, because I think this is a great challenge for practicing format string and sprintf BOF vulnerability. Special thanks to Lays for putting the exploit on the trello and let me have time to study the challenge.

ASIS CTF 2015 Quals -- Saw this (1 & 2)

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Category: pwn
Points: 100 (Saw this-1), 400 (Saw this-2)

Survive and get the flag!
Note: This challenge contains two flags, one of them is easier to fetch, the other is harder.
The easier flag will be clearly indicated as "Flag 1", the harder flag as "Flag 2"
nc 31337